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At Dental Solutions, we believe that every aspect of your smile is important, including the gums and soft tissues that support your teeth. When your gums become damaged or decayed, multiple complications can occur. The most common form of decay in this area is known as gum disease. Gum disease causes the gums to become inflamed and infected, slowly disintegrating your gum tissue. If left untreated, gum disease can eventually cause tooth loss and even bone loss.

Gum disease is most often characterized by bleeding, swollen gums and teeth that become loose as the gum line recedes. Gum disease can also have an effect on your overall health and has been linked to heart disease and diabetes. The earlier gum disease is diagnosed and treatment, the more effective our treatments will be.

Dr. David Bogan offers advanced gum disease treatment to ensure you keep your healthy, pain-free smile. We are please to use our gentle piezoelectric ultrasonic device to clean your gums and remove diseased gum tissue. We also use diode lasers to sterilize your gum pockets, reducing bleeding and discomfort. Your treatment will depend on the severity of your case and your individual situation. If you are experiencing the symptoms of gum disease in Mobile, Alabama, please contact our dentist today for more information. We are eager to help your smile.

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