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When damage or decay occurs to your tooth enamel, Dr. David Bogan may suggest a dental filling in Mobile, Alabama. Dental fillings are common restorations used to restore the structural integrity of your tooth after decay has been removed. If left unfilled, these grooves and holes can lead to cracking and re-expose your tooth to decay. In the past, many different materials were used for dental fillings, including amalgam and gold. Today, our dentist is proud to offer white fillings made out of a durable plastic known as composite resin.

There are many advantages to using composite resin. First, we are able to match it to the natural color of your tooth, making your restoration more aesthetically attractive. Second, composite resin bonds with your tooth structure for more stability and strength. Composite resin is also considered safer for you and for the environment.

To place a white filling, we will remove the decay and apply the filling in layers, hardening it as we go. Once sculpted to perfection, we polish the whole tooth to a beautiful shine. If you are experiencing tooth pain or increased tooth sensitivity, you may need a dental filling, and we invite you to call us at Dental Solutions to schedule an appointment to meet with our dentist. We look forward to taking care of your smile.

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