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Dr. David Bogan and our dental team are fully committed to the health of your entire smile. As part of this effort, there may be some circumstances that arise that require us to remove a tooth completely from your jaw. This is called a tooth extraction. We offer two types of tooth extractions at Dental Solutions, simple extractions and surgical extractions. You can be assured that we will only suggest a tooth extraction in Mobile, Alabama, if we feel it is absolutely necessary.

Simple extractions are used to remove teeth that are fully visible above the gum line. This is the easiest type of tooth extraction to perform and is often suggested when a tooth has been irreparably damaged by decay or advanced gum disease. Surgical extractions, on the other hand, are needed when a tooth is not fully visible or stuck below the gum line. An example of this is impacted wisdom teeth. When your wisdom teeth become impacted, they grow in sideways and are not able to grow above the gum line properly. As the name suggest, surgical extractions often require oral surgery to complete.

Once a tooth has been removed, our dentist will provide you with a variety of restorative and cosmetic options for replacing it. We never want you to go without a healthy, beautiful smile. For more information, contact our dental office today.

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